How to reduce body fat


Many fitness experts believe thatbody fat is a much more important health factor than your weight. Certainly it affects the way you look. The body fat level of a thing affects more than something is the appearance of your stomach. Simply put, if you don’t reduce your body fat percentage enough, you will never have the kind of abs most people desire. Another thing you should know is that it is possible for almost everyone to get to this low level of body fat rate.


How can you reduce your body fat percentage?



In order to reduce your body fat levels, you need to create a calorie deficit. This means that you have to burn more calories than you take in. To do this in the most effective yet easiest way is to combine the right type of exercise with the right diet to burn maximum fat in the least amount of time possible.



As far as exercise goes, you need to get your body in shape. To do this, you must do cardiovascular routines 3 times a week. When doing cardio, be careful not to waste time on low-intensity activities like running at the same pace for 30-40 minutes. Even if you’re going to burn a lot of calories, your body quickly gets used to this monotonous pace. A better thing to do would be to engage in interval training in which you change the intensity level of your cardio every few minutes. For example, you start by walking for 5 minutes power, then change to 2 minutes of the sprint at a difficult pace, than going to the light walking, sprinting again, being able to walk and so on. When you do this, you work your body along a wide range of intensity levels. This develops your heart and metabolism much better than monotonous cardio (which is also boring and time consuming) and helps you reduce your body fat percentage much faster.

Another thing to do to reduce your body fat is to weigh trainings for all parts of your body. Some people try to target certain areas of their body that they find more fatty than others. This may have results in terms of muscle development, but nothing to do with your overall body fat. To better reduce your body fat percentage, work each muscle group in your body, 2 – 3 times a week (it’s alright doing cardio and resistance on the same session).



The second thing you need to do to lower your body fat is to go on a regular and effective diet. It does not mean hunger yourself. In fact, hunger yourself can seriously undermine your efforts to reduce body fat. A good diet is one that consists of lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, lean proteins like eggs, turkey and chicken breasts and complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole flour pasta , yams and potatoes. It is a diet in which you eat 4 to 6 small meals a day instead of the 3 larger ones and also drink a large amount of water each day.


Follow these diet and exercise guidelines and you will lower your body fat levels. This will make you look and feel better. The health benefits are also considerable.