How To Lose Back Fat The “mute” Way

Many people are so concerned about their large intestines,chubby thighs or flabby arms, they don't even think about fat in the back as a problem. The only exception I often encounter is women who realize that they have unsightly rolls of fat spilling under their bra straps and want to do something about it. Both men and women, however, can improve their appearance enormously by developing a well-toned back. As with excess fat anywhere, reducing back fat will also be good for your health.
  There are exercises you can do with inexpensive dumbbells that will help you sculpt an attractive back, which you will be proud to show the world. You ladies might even be tempted to start wearing this low back dress again. Before I describe these "silly" exercises for your back, understand that, technically, the fat cannot be reduced in place. If you have bulges on your back, it means you have too much fat on your body, period. You need to combine weight loss and cardiovascular exercise to burn fat all around, then use the dumbbell exercises to strengthen and define your back muscles. Among the many low carb diets may work for you. But I prefer for people to adopt a fat loss diet that takes into account their unique physiology, nutritional needs, body type and lifestyle. Such an individualized diet plan is not often found in the mass diet books, but there are resources on the Internet that can help you develop one for you. To educate yourself on what fat is, how you accumulate it and how to adapt a diet and exercise program that will maximize fat loss for your personal circumstances, there is a large e-book available, which you can download on the Web. I have reviewed this e-book elsewhere and it is my highest recommendation. Now for these dumbbell exercises for your back ...

The "Idiot" deadlift You should stand with your feet about ten inches apart. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand, arms by your side, bend forward from your hips until the dumbbells are in front of your ankles. Contract your lower body, then trigger yourself, return to the standing position, keeping the weights hanging at arm's length. Repeat at least a dozen times. Do two or three repetitions of this exercise, rest 30 seconds between sets. The deadlift works the back muscles, commonly called the lats, the largest muscles in the back. Well-developed lats will make your waist appear smaller while creating a tight look back. The deadlift also works the erector spinae, a group of muscles supporting the spine. Developing metalworkers will make your lower back more attractive. But wait, there is no more! The deadlift also works the gluteal, hamstring, quadriceps, trapezius, oblique, abdominal and forearm muscles. It really is a great exercise all around.  

The Power of Own "Dumb"

Place the two dumbbells on the floor next to each other and right behind them. Bend your knees and squat down, grabbing a dumbbell in each hand with a sneaky handle. Standing, bringing the dumbbells above the floor and allowing them to settle near the fronts of your hips. Quickly, "ignore" the dumbbells up to chest height while you rise up on your toes, then bend your knees a little in order to get "below" the weight (the dumbbells should rest on the front of your shoulders). Take a break, then perform the same steps in reverse as you return the weights to the floor. Do 12 reps, rest 30 seconds, then do more than 12 reps. Clean energy is another great exercise for multiple muscles, working your lower back with your thighs, hips, trapezius, abs, shoulders, forearms, and biceps.  

The Idiot One Arm Line

Stand with your right side for an exercise bench or other weak, stable surface. Take a dumbbell in your left hand. Bend at the waist, rest your right hand and knee on the bench and let your left arm hang (holding the weight) down. Slowly lift the dumbbell up near the body until it reaches your chest. Then lower it until your left arm is right again. Repeat at least 12 times. After this game, change sides, holding the dumbbell in your right hand to work your right arm. The line of an arm works in the middle back and the lats. It also works the rhomboid muscles, which are created on the spine and attach to the middle part of the scapula. The job of rhomboids is to help squeezing the shoulder blades together. If you develop them a little, they will help your back look fabulous.  

The "Idiot" sweater

Lie flat on an exercise bench with your buttocks resting on the end and your feet flat on the floor. Take a dumbbell and hold it with both hands as high above the chest as you can. With your elbows slightly bent, slowly lower the dumbbell back over your head until you feel a stretch by your side. Then slowly bring the dumbbell back until it is still very high above your chest. Repeat 12 to 15 times.
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