Basic information on Pilates rings

You’ve probably heard of the “basic exercises”And Pilates for a while and probably do it one to three times a week, you’ve probably used different DVDs, techniques of different styles, and different equipment just to get that great body drooling over everyone. Hearing it all, you’ve probably heard of Ever presenting Pilates Ring, the non-bulky and cheaper alternative to all of these bulky devices.

Of course, as the name suggests, the Pilates ring is used in the practice of Pilates, specifically for Winsor Pilates. Winsor Pilates uses low intensity workouts that work on the “core” of the body. By heart this means the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis. As these are of low intensity, they can be done even by those who are in poor health. But just because it’s low intensity doesn’t mean it will take a long time to get the results, or will only have results, Winsor Pilates promise leads indeed in a month, when used three days a week. Wisnor Pilates is distributed on DVD.



A Pilates ring however, aside from used to tone the buttocks and the abdominal and pelvic muscles can also be used to specifically target the leg muscles, pecs, lats, triceps and biceps. It is an all around accessory exercise that everyone should have. To change position, you can reposition the ring in your arms or legs, in any place is that you want to tone and improve, and basically and pressing. But there is more than one Pilates ring to simply squeeze; anything done wrongly can cause injury, especially when exercising, so before you begin, try to consult a certified Pilates instructor.

Pilates rings also have different brand names and depending on the manufacturer, different resistances. Some manufacturers offer a range of different resistances; some offer a single line with resistance. It is suggested that you get to those who have varied resistance that you are your body has been used and toned to a certain level; you can further increase your training by increasing the resistance of the Pilates ring. Some rings have stronger resistance for more difficult training; some have lighter resistance for lighter training. Just remember, make sure you can take the resistance before rushing into it. Anything, no matter how foolproof can be dangerous if misused, in short, you could be injured if you use too much resistance. Again, try to consult a certified Pilates instructor before changing the resistance.

Pilates rings, boast foam padded handles for the comfort of the user, these are the parts that make real contact with the body part, making the exercise more comfortable than if we give up. Pilates rings are made of lightweight materials and can be worn with you anywhere, at the gym or at home or during your trip.




The Pilates ring is only one of the rare accessories, or if you must, equipment that Pilates Winsor integrates into its program for better training. However, you don’t really need a Pilates program to be able to use a Pilates ring. Even if the ring was made specifically for this program, the Pilates ring itself can be incorporated into another type of exercise program that you currently have, providing that you consult with your instructor.